(4 Hours). Offers students an opportunity to gain an integrated understanding of their different roles as professionals, advocates, and consumers and to improve their ability to find and use expert sources of information; assess competing media claims and narratives; write persuasive essays, analyses, and commentaries; and author evidence-based research papers. Public Relations Principles. Integrates students experiences in cooperative education with classroom concepts and theories. Offers students an opportunity to engage with a specific genre, using historical and critical methods, to better understand this reciprocal relationship between a people and their moment. Research in Communication Studies. Focuses on the environment and the modifications of marketing concepts and practices necessitated by environmental differences. Full-Time MBA Program Overview. Students apply course topics to their organizations and analyze real company customer satisfaction data to provide managerial insights for a decision maker. Provides an overview of the role of marketing in business and society. Opens New Window Offers students an opportunity to study landmark cases and trials, critically test their reasoning, present talks on the fundamental principles of the rule of law, and deliver accusations and defenses in some of the landmark cases of the international criminal tribunals. Covers the major theories about the role of communication in U.S. politics, public opinion, and public policy. 617.373.2027 [email protected] Julie Newmeyer. Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Quality-of-Service for Multimedia Networking, Computer Networks Management and Design. Often includes meetings with foreign professors, government officials, community organizers, and local artists that have shaped their own country in unique and innovative ways. (3 Hours). Emphasizes the production and successful interaction with electronic and traditional supportive media. (4 Hours). Also examines how marketing research is conducted for technological innovations and ethical concerns that arise with technology usage, such as privacy and security issues, identity theft, and the role of trust in digital marketing. (4 Hours). The number of full-time new students at Northeastern last fall jumped to 516, and the university plans to expand the curriculum, with a nursing major and a doctorate program under development. archives@northeastern.edu Send Feedback or Report a Problem Covers customer performance measurement, modeling, and feedback systems managers can use to take smarter risks by assessing the marketing initiatives and forecasting profit potentials. (3 Hours). Focuses on developing student skills in putting together a marketing plan based on a thorough understanding of the market. (4 Hours). Discusses how to formulate and evaluate your own theory-based hypotheses on the influence of media in American democracy. (4 Hours). New Product Development. Special Topics in Marketing. Examines the communicative experiences of organizations and relationships using both theoretical approaches and practical experience. Offers students an opportunity to learn about the communication studies major and to explore the different areas of emphasis offered by the department. (4 Hours). Further internship details are available in the department office. Studies the ways in which communication can influence (and possibly resolve) turmoil in close relationships. Also covers strategy and tactics that can be developed and communicated, with accountability in mind. (4 Hours). Introduces students to the basic statistical concepts used by communication researchers. Covers theoretical perspectives from communication and other social science disciplines, gender and sexuality studies, and cultural studies. Course topics cover a range of theoretical and practical issues, including diversity in organizational settings and the social construction of identity. Examines the latest trends in digital marketing, such as mobile marketing, and how the mobile platform can be used for branding purposes and to enhance customer relationships. Offers students an opportunity to learn how platforms change the way firms and consumers transact; identify customer groups whose affiliation with the platform is most valuable; understand the dynamics and limitations of platform-based network effects; design competitive platform-based marketing strategies; and develop plans for turning products and services into sustainable customer-centric platforms. | Examines theories, models, and strategies related to crisis communication and establishes ethical principles regarding what, how, and when essential elements must be employed for effective and ethical crisis communication. (4 Hours). Argumentation Theory. Communication and Inclusion. (4 Hours). The Communication Studies Departments dynamic undergraduate curriculumand flexible requirements allow students to forge a distinctive niche within the vast and varied communication landscape, while our diverse professional network affords a wide spectrum of co-op and experiential learningopportunities, in Bostonand around the worldenabling students to gain practical experience and build connections that will form the cornerstones of a successful career after graduation. Confronts students with some of the catastrophic results of fascist rhetoric and politics (the Krakow Ghetto and Auschwitz concentration camp). Learn Global and Intercultural Communication skills while earning your way to GEO's first Digital Badge . Introduces those aspects of marketing that are unique to international business within the framework of traditional functional areas of marketing. MKTG4993. Special Topics in Communication Studies. About the D'Amore-McKim School of Business: Founded in 1922, the D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University prepares the leaders that the times demand. Develops and refines skills in the art of sportscasting. Digital Marketing. Through this immersion, our students, faculty, and partners derive new insights and ideas that lead to richer learning, greater cross-cultural appreciation, and actionable solutions. Offers students an opportunity to analyze artifacts from recent political campaigns such as stump speeches, campaign debates, campaign advertising, and formal campaign speeches such as nomination acceptance addresses, concession and victory speeches, and inaugural addresses. COMM2800. Research may be behavioral/experimental or quantitative/analytical in nature. Offers students an opportunity to learn how to successfully target the right audience by conducting and interpreting market research; shape thoughts by getting consumers attention and making a lasting impression; influence attitudes by applying principles of persuasion and social influence; and impact consumer decisions by harnessing motivations and drivers of behavior. COMM2525. Introduces the substantive and procedural aspects of marketing strategy and customer markets. Course objectives are achieved through reading professional scripts, critically viewing television content, and participating in group writing assignments and table reads. . Boston, MA. Environmental Issues, Communication, and Media. COMM3655. Begins with an understanding of why and how firms, institutions, and organizations purchase products and services and the importance of the multifunctional buying center. Introduces students to the multifaceted responsibilities of a brand manager, including understanding market trends and the competitive landscape; developing the brand story; conducting and analyzing consumer research to identify brand opportunities; creating and maintaining a brand budget; establishing and implementing cross-platform brand communication strategy; measuring brand performance; and executing marketing and advertising campaigns. Offers students an opportunity to gain experience in the marketing research process, while working on a client-based project. Examines the intersection of law, policy, and new (or relatively new) information and communication technologies. Examines the key drivers and building blocks of digital business transformations underlying the best marketing practices of the platform economy. Marketing in Asia. Explores the relationships between communication, social identity, and social inclusion. (4 Hours). It combines world-class academics with professional practice, allowing you to acquire relevant, real-world skills you can immediately put into action in your current workplace. Marketing and Communications Additional Information Northeastern University is an equal opportunity employer, seeking to recruit and support a broadly diverse community of faculty and staff. Explores communicative and cultural practice from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives. Examines communication and inclusion in the contexts of gender, race, sexual identity, social class, ability, and age. Rapidly emerging new digital ecosystems, platforms, products, and services have been fundamentally transforming business practices and market landscapes in almost every industry. Social Movement Communication. Offers students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the tools needed to examine the role nonverbal behaviors (body orientation, gaze direction, gesture, laughter, etc.) Offers students the opportunity to demonstrate competency in communication skills such as oral reporting, conducting research in communication, and writing. Analyzes the AI strategies implemented or attempted by these companies to understand drivers of success and identify future opportunities. Communication Law. About. Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series. Focuses on defining, designing, and solving marketing problems through data analysis and experimental design. Prerequisite(s): ENGW1111 with a minimum grade of C or ENGW1102 with a minimum grade of C or ENGL 1111 with a minimum grade of C or ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C, Attribute(s): NUpath Societies/Institutions, NUpath Writing Intensive, COMM3201. Topics covered include compositing, matte painting, multiplane animation, explosions, smoke, three-dimensional lighting, particle emitters, chroma keying, motion graphics, video tracking, and more. 360 Huntington Ave. Topics include cultural dynamics in international markets, political and legal environmental constraints, educational and economic constraints, international marketing research, international marketing institutions, and marketing practices abroad. Covers the role of marketing in business and society. Taught in London. Attribute(s): NUpath Ethical Reasoning, NUpath Interpreting Culture, COMM1412. The dark side is a metaphor used to describe areas of interpersonal and relational communication that are underexplored or lying in the shadows; destructive or dysfunctional; and/or poorly understood or often misinterpreted. Explores planning, research, production, and other elements that go into successful advertising. Contact. Northeastern University Co- op/ Experiential Education in Social Sciences and Humanities (EESH) Commerce and Economic Development - CPS (CED) Communication Studies (COMM) Communication Studies - CPS (CMN) Communication Studies - CPS Specialty (CMMN) Computer Engineering Technology - CPS (CET) Computer Science (CS) Computer Systems Engineering (CSYE) (4 Hours). Enabling Technologies for Consumer Engagement. Discusses market-based pricing strategies, sales efforts, distribution, and communication in the context of enhancing the firms product position in the marketplace. (3 Hours). (4 Hours). COMM1231. Research topics can span business, politics, advocacy, entertainment, public health, the environment, and other societal sectors. Data Storytelling, Visualization, and Communication. We are a creative, multicultural community, and we understand that each individual builds a very personal path to success. Our core courses in information development, usability, and narrative structure provide a baseline for developing, marketing, and managing content-rich experiences. COMM3307. Provides an overview of the new-product-development process, with an emphasis on customer involvement in this process. Focuses on communication within the context of close relationships. Engages students in multiple aspects of a research project: literature review; theory development; hypothesis generation; research design; data analysis and visualization; and developing insights for managers, researchers, and policy. Television Studio Production. Northeastern University considers factors such as candidate work experience, education and skills when extending an offer. Interpersonal Communication. Designed to prepare communication professionals who appreciate the need for responsible advocacy when responding to crises. (4 Hours). May be repeated without limit. The College Success Manager plans marketing strategy and tactics, collaborates with partners across the university, consults data, and navigates departmental and university processes. Marketing Research. MKTG4983. Persuasion and Rhetoric. Examines strategies for identifying, selecting, and deploying marketing technologies in organizations and communicating with information technology colleagues and vendors. Requires students to make a formal report to the organization and to write a paper reflecting on the organization and its mission in the context of broader social, political, and economic issues. Analyzes the ways in which power and memory have been deployed and challenged through various rhetorical textsincluding memorials, mass media, performance, and art, among othersin a seminar format. Full-Time. The Digital Repository Service is a secure repository system, designed to store and share scholarly, administrative, and archival materials from the Northeastern University community. Offers students an opportunity to practice real interviewing both as an interviewee and an interviewer. Analyzes case studies and teaches how to improve the quality of communication in an organization.
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